We help you growing your idea by sharing our secret Growth hacking experiences.
By Ben Sufiani & Hendrik Lennarz.

What´s coming up?

“The art of growing your business.”

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#1 Startup Validation

Why idea validation must be the first thing you have to start with…

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#2 T-Shapes

What are T-Shape profiles, how can I improve myself and where can I find them?

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#3 Growth Hacking Tools

Growth Hacking without the right toolset is impossible. Learn why.

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The GDPR is flooding Europe´s digital marketing scene. But where to start?

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#5 Typical Target Group

A never ending challenge – who is my typical target group and where can I find them?

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#6 Founders Age

What is the best age to start your own business? Is there a too late or something?

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#7 How Growth Hackers learn.

Learning is an important discipline for Growth Hackers. Where do we learn? What are our best learning resources? How do we find the time for continous learning?

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#8 Solo or building up a team?

Being a solopreneur has a lot of advantages. But if you want to grow your company there will be a moment, where you have to decide whether to stay alone or to build up a team. But what is the right decision?

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#9 “Branding: When to start?”

If you´re a startup – when is the right time focussing on branding? Sorry, there will be no yes or no answer.

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#10 “Social Ads: F**k Ups”

We share our Top F**k ups we are facing woth Social ads.

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#11 Thinking in Funnels

If your social media ads fail, learn how to think in funnels.

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#12 Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

Why your mental & physical health has a huge impact on your startup success.

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#13 Tech F**k Ups

What to consider from day in terms of choosing the right IT platform, finding a CTO, …

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#14 Personal Finance

How much money do I earn and how much should I pay for my own salary?

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#15 Marketing vs. Sales

Why marketing and sales departments hate each other and how we could change it

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#16 Mental Blocks

What are the barriers in growing your business or just doing the things you have to do?

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#17 Offline Events

Offline events is a marketing channel, that is not often to find in the marketing-mix of startups. Right or wrong?

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#18 “Podcast Marketing”

How to start? What to do? Are there some Growth Hacks, maybe?

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#19 AB-Testing

Why AB-Testing is essentiell for campaign success and why 99% of all AB-tests are not valid.

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#20 Double revenue

Doubling your yearly revenue is a challenge. But why it is important and how does it work?

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#21 Business Plan or not?

Do you need a real 50 pages business plan?

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#22 Do Followers Matter?

Is the number of Social Media Followers really important?

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#23 Which KPIs should you measure?

There are many KPIs you can track but which ones actually matter?

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#24 Initiative Q

What is Initiative Q and why is it going so viral right now?

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#25 How to get your first 1000 customers

Insights on what mediums you should use and which ones you should ignore.. 

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#26 Growth Hacking Process V3.0

How to use the Growth Hacking Process V3.0 to scale your business.

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#27 Storytelling

The importance of Storytelling around your brand.

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#28 Personal or Business Brand

Advantages and disadvantages of having either a personal or a business brand.

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#29 Growth Skills

What are the Skills you actually need as a Growth Marketer.

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#30 Growthteam

 Ben and Hendrik share their ideas and experince to build up a growthteam.

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#31 Learnings 2018

Ben and Hendrik are reflecting their learnings and goals from 2018.

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# 32 Predictions 2019

What will 2019 bring for your and our businesses?

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#33 Silicon Valley 

Ben, Hendrik and Kevin Indig talk about the differences between the Silicon Valley and Germany.

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#34 Growth Marketing 2019

What are the Growth Marketing trends in 2019? 🚀

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Where it all began?

We had some waiting time at Ljubljana/Slovenia airport and 2 or 3 beer

Who we are?

Passionate about Growth Hacking / Marketing

Ben Sufiani

Growth Marketer

Hendrik Lennarz

Growth Hacker