Author: Hendrik Lennarz

Podcast: "The Art of Growing your Business"


#23 – “Which KPIs should you measure?”

There are many KPIs you can track but which ones actually matter? In this Episode Ben and Hendrik talk about why you need to track your metrics and which ones are important and which ones are distractions. Subscribe and listen to this new GROWTHARTIC episode no. 23. Write us a message at and let us know…
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#22 – “Do Followers Matter?”

Is the number of Social Media Followers really important? Hendrik And Ben discuss the type of followers they want, if you should create content or get followers first and what they would do if they only had 1 week to create a social media strategy. This Growthartic Episode no #22 also starts the “10K LinkedIn…
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business plan

#21 – “Business Plan or Plan for your Business?”

Do you need a business plan or just a plan for your business? Many founders and entrepreneurs think they HAVE to do one but is this true? Ben and Hendrik share their opinion on when and why a business plan might be useful for your business or if it is a complete waste of your…
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020 - double your revenue

#20 – “Double your Revenue”

What are your Goals for 2019? Should doubling your Revenue be one of them? In the 20th episode Ben and Hendrik talk about the why, what and how of doubling your revenue every year. They touch on topics like team building, scalable business models and share their tactics on how they are planning to double…
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#19 – “A/B Testing”

A/B testing is a Buzzword that is thrown around a lot in the Marketing Space. What makes sense to test and what does not? And what split tests do Hendrik and Ben do regularly? In this episode #19 “Podcast Growth Hacking” Ben and Hendrik talk about their favourite A/B testing tools and share what they…
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#18 – “Podcast Growth Hacking”

Podcasts are a great opportunity to spread your message. To let other people know, that you´re expert in your niche. They are getting more and more popular but how do you actually grow a podcast and what are the challenges you might face? In this episode #18 “Podcast Growth Hacking” Ben and Hendrik talk about…
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#17 – “Offline Events”

In this brandnew episode “#17: Offline Events” we´re talking about the advantages of offline events like meetups, presentations, conferences and so on…A lot of work and not a scaling business from the classical point of view, right? But both of us, have our own positive experiences with hosting our own offline events. Subscribe and listen to…
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#16 – “Mental Blocks”

In this brandnew episode “#16: Mental Blocks that makes growing your business harder.” Something every Entrepreneur battles on a regular basis. How do you overcome the thing that is holding you back all the time? How can you start executing on the thing you are putting of for months? In this episode Ben and Hendrik…
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#15 – “Marketing vs. Sales”

In this brandnew episode “#15: Marketing vs. Sales” Ben and Hendrik talk about how to organize marketing and sales departments. Where are the problems of todays organizations having marketing and sales seperated in two different departments. What´s the problem? What is a solution? Tools? Subscribe and listen to this new GROWTHARTIC episode and let us…
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How much money do you earn as a startup founder

#14 – “Personal Finance for entrepreneurs”

  “#14: Personal Finance for entrepreneurs” Ben and Hendrik talk about money. This is for sure not our favorite topic to talk about…But it is really important. What do you earn? What about savings? What about your life-standard? What about investing in the coming? Taxes? Automation and tools? How much should be your salary as…
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